To date, Meet the Writers has reached more than 12,000 students citywide through more than 100 distinct author visits, and distributed more than 4,000 books signed by the visiting authors.

Our collaboration with schools helps to create a culture of literacy and reading. One of the first schools Meet the Writers collaborated with is the Highbridge Green School which implemented the program in 2015. According to data collected by New York City Department of Education Middle School Quality Initiative, their school’s Degrees of Reading Power (DRP) growth (in terms of Instructional Reading Level) outpaces average national growth of 4 points per year.
• 8th graders: Fall 2015-Spring 2018 (3 years): 15.27 points growth on the DRP
• 7th graders: Fall 2016-Spring 2018 (2 years): 15.38 points growth on the DRP
• 6th graders: Fall 2017-Spring 2018 (1 year): 5.38 points growth on the DRP

Meet the Writers elicits feedback from students and teachers regarding the effect writer visits have on enthusiasm for reading.


“The kids read the book differently knowing they would get to meet the writer. I am forever indebted to you for coming to our school and helping to build a culture of reading.”
— Mackenzie Grate, Assistant Principal