Michele Weisman founded Meet the Writers after twenty-five years engaged in product development with some of the most respected names in children’s publishing, including Sesame Workshop, Scholastic, and Highlights for Children. Meet the Writers is part of Michele’s effort to support education and literacy more directly.

Michele enlists authors and facilitates panels for the New York City Department of Education’s Middle School Quality Initiative annual event for middle school educators. In addition, Michele has served Hunter College High School as PTA Co-president, working closely with the administration, overseeing twenty-five active committees, and fundraising close to $1M annually. 

For more information about bringing Meet the Writers to your school or organization, contact Michele:
• 718.788.8318

By the way, I was very moved by those kids….And I think what we need to do is educate them so they can become a power in the world. Almost every one of their questions was about how to do better.
— Mark Kurlansky, Author