The following includes all scheduled visits to date as well as other community events where Meet the Writers is a contributor.

April 12, 2019 School Visit
Author: Elizabeth Acevedo
Hamilton Grange Middle School

April 5, 2019 School Visit
Author: Sayantani Dasgupta
MS 89

November 27, 2018 School Visit
Author/Illustrator: Stephen Savage
PS 15 Patrick F. Daly

November 16, 2018 School Visit
Author: Jim St. Germain
IS 238 Susan B. Anthony Academy

October, 2018
Michele Weisman
Life Lines: The Books Podcast

September 20, 2018 School Visit
Author: Tiffany D. Jackson
North Bronx School of Empowerment

September 14, 2018
Michele Weisman with authors Matthew Burgess, Lance Rubin, and Heather (H.A.) Swain
Wordsprouts: A Night of Literature for Young Adults and Children
Park Slope Food Coop

July 23, 2018
Michele Weisman
Girls Who Code: The Confidence to Speak with Clarity

June 21. 2018
Michele Weisman
Meet the PowerUP! Winners
Brooklyn Public Library Business & Career Center

June 12, 2018 School Visit
Author: Ibi Zoboi
Seth Low IS 96

June 8, 2018
Michele Weisman with authors Karen Bao, Tiffany D. Jackson, and Ibi Zoboi
Department of Education Middle School Quality Initiative Roundtables

June 1, 2018 School Visit
Author: Daniel José Older
Washington Heights Expeditionary Learning School

May 24, 2018 School Visit
Author/Illustrator: Tad Hills
PS 169 Sunset Park School

May 22, 2018 School Visit
Author/Illustrator: Daniel Salmieri
PS 15 Patrick F. Daly

May 17, 2018 School Visit
Author/Illustrator: Johan Olander
PS 142 Amalia Castro

May 11, 2018 School Visit
Author: Corey Rosen Schwartz with Sensei Kathleen Rahill
PS 169 Sunset Park School

May 9, 2018 School Visit
Author: Adam Gidwitz
PS 15 Patrick F. Daly

May 4, 2018 School Visit
Author: Elizabeth Mann
PS 261 Philip Livingston

May 2, 2018
Michele Weisman
Crafting Successful Author Visits
Highlights Foundation

“My favorite part of the whole thing was that [the author] gave us good advice, she said, “Do not think, just barf your ideas on the page.” Get the ideas down and then you can always go back and make them better!”
— Jomaly, Student